Notes from Ctrip's Q3'17 earnings call

Key topics covered other than the financial numbers -

  • On Skyscanner

    Skyscanner has been growing very rapidly and it has a very broad global reach. So, not only Skyscanner has strong presence in Europe, but also in Asia Pacific, in Middle East and America; and we are working with them very closely to increase Ctrip’s presence on Skyscanner. So, our air ticket volume sold through Skyscanner has increased over 250% year-over-year, and we expect that trend to continue. So, we’ll be benefiting future air ticketing volume. We’ve been benefiting from Skyscanner’s growth and our increased presence on Skyscanner.

  • On the recent regulation impact

    The impact will gradually decrease in the following quarters, mostly thanks to the fast-growing international air ticket business, especially as James said, the synergies between Skyscanner and Ctrip – Skyscanner will bring more traffic to Ctrip platform especially on the international air ticket. And Ctrip has already launched the direct booking platform for Skyscanner, which has been rolled out very

  • On Priceline’s recent investment in Meituan and original investment in Ctrip

    And I’m also wondering if, as Skyscanner improves its positioning, is that a threat to KAYAK and Priceline sort of years down the road?

    I think the Skyscanner’s partnership with Ctrip also give us good access for the air tickets market globally. And as James said, the global travel industry will be around RMB 5 trillion, that’s huge number and should allow multiple players to be a winner in this industry.

  • One of the key focus area is on maximizing the outbound travel combined with Skyscanner

    In terms of the outbound, that’s also a focus for Ctrip, because our international air ticket grow so well, we understand where our customers want to go, and we offer a comprehensive product, not only for air ticket and hotel but also for food, for shopping, for cars, for many attraction tickets et cetera. So the comprehensive products that’s offering for our customer who are going abroad has been proven to be very attractive, because they only go there once a year, they want us to give them the best recommendations, based on our big data analysis. So, so far, I think our service product offering has win the market share, and we’ll keep up our efforts for that.

  • “Sun never sets” customer service level