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  1. The two individuals are Min Lu and Haiyun Lei. Each of these two individuals is a PRC citizen. Each of Min Lu and Haiyun Lei holds 50% of the equity interests in each of Autohome Information, Shanghai Advertising, Guangzhou Advertising and Shengtuo Hongyuan.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

We are a Cayman Islands company and foreign legal person under PRC laws. Accordingly, neither we nor our wholly foreign-invested PRC subsidiaries are currently eligible to apply for the required licenses for providing internet content services in China.
As such, we conduct our business through contractual arrangements in China. In particular, we operate our internet content business through Beijing Autohome Information Technology Co., Ltd., or Autohome Information and Beijing Shengtuo Hongyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., or Shengtuo Hongyuan.
Autohome Information and Shengtuo Hongyuan are currently owned by individual shareholders who are PRC citizens and hold the requisite licenses or permits to provide internet content and advertising services in China.
These contractual arrangements may not be as effective in providing us with control over our VIEs as direct ownership.
An equity interest pledge agreement becomes effective among the parties upon execution, but according to the PRC Property Rights Law, an equity interest pledge is not perfected as a security property right unless it is registered with the relevant local administration for industry and commerce. We have not yet completed the register of these pledges by shareholders of our VIEs as of the date of this annual report.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

Substantial uncertainties exist with respect to the enactment timetable, final content, interpretation and implementation of draft PRC Foreign Investment Law published for public comments and how it may impact the viability of our current corporate structure, corporate governance and business operations.
If the PRC government finds that the agreements that establish the structure for operating our services in China do not comply with PRC governmental restrictions on foreign investment in internet businesses, or if these regulations or the interpretation of existing regulations change in the future, we could be subject to severe penalties or be forced to relinquish our interests in those operations.
Our contractual arrangements with our VIEs may not be as effective in providing operational control as direct ownership.
We have not registered the pledge of equity interests by certain shareholders of our VIEs with the relevant authority, and we may not be able to enforce the equity pledge against any third parties who acquire the equity interests in good faith in the relevant VIEs before the pledge is registered.
The shareholders of our VIEs may breach, or cause our VIEs to breach, or refuse to renew, the existing contractual arrangements we have with them and our VIEs. Any failure by our VIEs or their shareholders to perform their obligations under our contractual arrangements with them would have a material adverse effect on our business and financial condition.
Contractual arrangements our subsidiaries have entered into with our VIEs may be subject to scrutiny by the PRC tax authorities and a finding that we or our VIEs owe additional taxes could substantially reduce our consolidated net income and the value of your investment.
The interests of the individual nominee shareholders of our VIEs may be different to our interests, which may materially and adversely affect our business.
We may rely on dividends and other distributions on equity paid by our PRC subsidiaries to fund any cash and financing requirements we may have. Any limitation on the ability of our PRC subsidiaries to pay dividends to us could have a material adverse effect on our ability to conduct our business.
If our PRC subsidiaries or VIEs become the subject of a bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding, we may lose the ability to use and enjoy some of our key assets, which could reduce the size of our operations and materially and adversely affect our business, our ability to generate revenues and the market price of our ADSs.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
RMB (in millions)
2014 2,133 1,473 69%
2015 3,464 271 7.82%
2016 5,962 329 5.52%

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