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Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

Foreign ownership of Internet-based businesses, such as distribution of online information, is subject to restrictions under current PRC laws and regulations. For example, foreign investors are not allowed to own more than 50% of the equity interests in a value-added telecommunication service provider (except e-commerce) and any such foreign investor must have experience in providing value-added telecommunications services overseas and maintain a good track record in accordance with the Guidance Catalog of Industries for Foreign Investment promulgated in 2007, as amended in 2011 and in 2015, respectively, and other applicable laws and regulations.
We are a Cayman Islands company and our PRC subsidiary is considered a foreign invested enterprise.
To comply with PRC laws and regulations, we conduct our operations in China through a series of contractual arrangements entered into among Hexin Yongheng, Hexin E-Commerce and the shareholders of Hexin E-Commerce.
We rely and expect to continue to rely on contractual arrangements with Hexin E-Commerce to operate the website of www.hexindai.com.
If Hexin E-Commerce or its shareholders decide to take actions that do not align with our interests and fail to deliver under our contractual arrangements, we may have to incur substantial costs and expend resources to enforce our contractual arrangements.
The equity interests of Hexin E-Commerce are held by Mr. Xiaobo An, Mr. Xiaobin Zhai and Mr. Xiaoning An, our founders.
Furthermore, each of Hexin Information and Hexin Financial Information are controlled by Mr. Xiaobo An. Hexin Information was incorporated in December 2015 and 99.0% held by Mr. Xiaobo An, whereas Hexin Financial Information was incorporated in April 2014 and 95.0% held by Mr. Xiaobo An.
The interests of Mr. Xiaobo An, Mr. Xiaobin Zhai and Mr. Xiaoning An in Hexin E-Commerce and the interests of Mr. Xiaobo An in Hexin Information and Hexin Financial Information, may however, differ from the interests of our company as a whole. These shareholders may have conflicts of interest with our company, and may breach, or cause Hexin E-Commerce to breach, our contractual arrangements, such as preventing it to remit payment due to us on a timely basis, or cause Hexin Group to breach the cooperation arrangements such as preventing them from referring offline borrowers to us, or performing other acts of non-performance adverse to our interests.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

If the PRC government decides that our contractual arrangements under the variable interest entity structure do not comply with PRC regulations, or if the regulatory environment changes, we may have to change our business model and/or be subject to penalties.
Our contractual arrangements with our variable interest entity may not be as effective as direct ownership and operational management.
Our business relies on the contractual arrangements with the variable interest entity and the cooperation arrangements between the variable interest entity and Hexin Group, if any of these entities or their shareholders fail to perform their obligations, our business and results of operations may be severely adversely affected.
There may be conflicts of interest between shareholders of the variable interest entity and us, which may cause material and adverse effects to our business and financials.
Our contractual arrangements with the variable interest entity may be subject to additional taxes, which would adversely affect our financials and your investment.
If the variable interest entity goes bankrupt or becomes subject to a dissolution or liquidation proceeding we may not be able to recover or claim ownership over the assets and networks of the variable interest entity.
If our variable interest entity loses its chop to the theft and use of unauthorized persons, the corporate governance of the variable interest entity may be severely and adversely compromised.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
USD (in millions)
2015 4.6 n/a n/a
2016 11.9 n/a n/a
2017 22.9 n/a Most likely 100%

Ownership and Voting power details

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