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  1. Following the completion of this offering, Bain Capital Rise Education IV Cayman Limited, Multi Union Resources Limited and public shareholders will beneficially own 80.0%, nil and 20.0% of our total ordinary shares, respectively. See “Principal and Selling Shareholders.”
  2. Mr. Peng Zhang, an employee of an affiliate of our principal shareholder, Bain Capital Rise Education IV Cayman Limited, and Mr. Yiding Sun, our chief executive officer and director, hold 80% and 20% of the VIE’s equity interests, respectively.
  3. The remaining 49% equity interests are owned by an unrelated third party.
  4. Under PRC law, entities and individuals who establish and maintain ownership interests in private schools are referred to as “sponsors.” The rights of sponsors vis-à-vis private schools are similar to those of shareholders vis-à-vis companies with regard to legal, regulatory and tax matters, but differ with regard to the rights to receive returns on investment and the distribution of residual properties upon termination and liquidation. As of June 30, 2017, we had established 16 private schools in China to operate our network of self-owned learning centers. For more information regarding school sponsorship and the difference between sponsorship and ownership under relevant laws and regulations, see “Regulation—The Law for Promoting Private Education and Its Implementation Rules.”
  5. Learning centers are not legal entities under PRC law. As of June 30, 2017, we had 56 self-owned learning centers across China, 54 of which were operated by the 16 schools for which we are the sponsor and two of which was operated by Wuxi Rise Foreign Language Training Co., Ltd., a non-school enterprise.
  6. Consulting Services Agreements
  7. Loan Agreements, Proxy Agreement, Call Option Agreement, Equity Pledge Agreement and Business Cooperation Agreement
  8. Proxy Agreement, Business Cooperation Agreement, Service Agreement, Call Option Agreement and Equity Pledge Agreement
  9. License Agreements and Comprehensive Services Agreements

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

PRC laws and regulations currently require any foreign entity that invests in the education business in China to be an educational institution with relevant experience in providing education services outside China.
Our Cayman Islands holding company is not an educational institution and does not provide education services.
To comply with PRC laws and regulations, we operate our business through our PRC consolidated affiliates, including Beijing Step Ahead Education Technology Development Co., Ltd., or Beijing Step Ahead or VIE, and its subsidiaries and schools that operate self-owned learning center
Beijing Step Ahead is 80% owned by Mr. Peng Zhang and 20% owned by Mr. Yiding Sun. Both shareholders of Beijing Step Ahead are PRC citizens.
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 and for the six months ended June 30, 2017, the revenue contribution of our consolidated affiliates accounted for 97%, 95%, 95% and 95%, respectively, of our total revenues.
...these contractual arrangements may not be as effective as direct equity ownership in providing us with control over our consolidated affiliates. Any failure by our consolidated affiliates or the shareholders of Beijing Step Ahead to perform their obligations under the contractual arrangements would have a material adverse effect on the financial position and performance of our company.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

The PRC government may find that the contractual arrangements that establish our corporate structure for operating our business do not comply with applicable PRC laws and regulations.
We face uncertainties with respect to the interpretation and implementation of The Draft Foreign Investment Law, which proposes significant changes to the PRC foreign investment legal regime and has a material impact on businesses in China controlled by foreign invested enterprises primarily through contractual arrangements, such as our business.
We rely on contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliates and the shareholders of Beijing Step Ahead for our operations in China, which may not be as effective in providing control as direct ownership.
Our consolidated affiliates and their shareholders may fail to perform their obligations under the contractual arrangements.
The shareholders of Beijing Step Ahead may have actual or potential conflict of interest with us and not act in the best interests of our company.
We rely on dividends, fees and other distributions paid by our PRC subsidiaries to fund any cash and financing requirements we may have, and any limitation on the ability of our PRC subsidiaries to make payments to us could hinder our ability to conduct our business.
Contractual arrangements between our consolidated affiliates and us may be subject to scrutiny by the PRC tax authorities who may find that we or our consolidated affiliates owe additional taxes.
Our consolidated affiliates may become the subject of a bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding.
The custodians or authorized users of our controlling non-tangible assets, including chops and seals, may fail to fulfill their responsibilities, or misappropriate or misuse these assets.
PRC regulation of loans to and direct investment in PRC entities by offshore holding companies and governmental control of currency conversion may delay or prevent us from using the proceeds of this offering to make loans or additional capital contributions to our PRC subsidiaries and consolidated affiliates, which could materially and adversely affect our liquidity and our ability to fund and expand our business.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
RMB (in millions)
2014 407 394 96.81%
2015 529 503 95.09%
2016 711 673 94.66%

Ownership and Voting power details

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