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  1. Each of Shanghai BaoAn Enterprise and Shanghai BaoAn Hotel is owned as to 25.0% by Shanghai China Index, one of our consolidated controlled entities.
  2. Shanghai SouFun Microfinance is owned as to 20.0% by Beijing Technology and as to 10.0% by Beijing JTX Technology, both of which are our consolidated controlled entities.
  3. Shanghai JBT is owned as to 30.0% by Beijing Jia Tian Xia Advertising Co., Ltd. which is our consolidated controlled entity.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

As we are a Cayman Islands company and our PRC subsidiaries and their branch companies in China are treated as foreign-invested enterprises under applicable PRC laws, we are subject to ownership limitations as well as special approval requirements on foreign investment.
Under the current regulatory regime, Internet content distribution is permitted to operators with less than 50.0% foreign investment and advertising is permitted to all qualified operators. We may consider further optimizing our corporate structure in light of the evolving regulatory environment.
To comply with applicable PRC laws, rules and regulations, we conduct our operations in China primarily through our wholly-owned PRC subsidiaries and our consolidated controlled entities.
Our wholly-owned PRC subsidiaries, our consolidated controlled entities (excluding their subsidiaries) and their respective shareholders have entered into a series of contractual arrangements, which consist of exclusive technical consultancy and service agreements, equity pledge agreements, operating agreements, shareholders’ proxy agreements, loan agreements and exclusive call option agreements (collectively, the “Structure Contracts”).
Our consolidated controlled entities are the holders of the ICP licenses required for operating our websites and our advertising business in China. We do not have any direct or indirect shareholding interests in these consolidated controlled entities. They are instead held directly or indirectly by Mr. Mo, our founder, executive chairman and chief executive officer, and Richard Jiangong Dai (“Mr. Dai”), our former director and former chief executive officer. Mr. Dai is a nephew of Mr. Mo. Both Mr. Mo and Mr. Dai are PRC citizens.
Beijing Technology, which holds licenses of online video recording and broadcasting, entered into a cooperation agreement with certain of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, under which Beijing Technology is responsible for the operation of online video broadcasting, while those subsidiaries are responsible for relevant technical support. During its possession of the domain name “fang.com,” Beijing Technology published online videos by embedding videos on webpages or placing video links on “fang.com.” After transferring the domain name “fang.com” to another Fang subsidiary in April 2016, Beijing Technology has ceased to embed videos on “fang.com” and will conduct its online video broadcasting business only by placing video links through “fang.com”.
The interests of Messrs. Mo and Dai as the controlling shareholders of the consolidated controlled entities may differ from the interests of our company as a whole, as what is in the best interests of our consolidated controlled entities may not be in the best interests of us and our other shareholders.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

If the PRC government determines that the structure contracts that establish the structure for our business operations do not comply with applicable PRC laws, rules and regulations, we could be subject to severe penalties or be forced to restructure our ownership structure.
Substantial uncertainties exist with respect to the adoption of new or revised of PRC laws relating to our corporate structure, corporate governance and business operations.
We may lose the ability to utilize assets held by our consolidated controlled entities that are important to the operation of our business if any of these entities goes bankrupt or becomes subject to a dissolution or liquidation proceeding.
Contractual or other arrangements among our affiliates may be subject to scrutiny by PRC tax authorities, and a finding that we or our affiliates owe additional taxes could substantially reduce our profitability and the value of your investment.
Contractual arrangements, including voting proxies, with our consolidated controlled entities for our Internet content distribution and marketing businesses may not be as effective in providing operational control as direct or indirect ownership.
Our business may suffer if we fail to carry out our business arrangements related to online video broadcasting related business with certain consolidated controlled entities of our company.
The shareholders of our consolidated controlled entities may have potential conflicts of interest with us, and if any such conflicts of interest are not resolved in our favor, our business may be materially and adversely affected.
We are controlled by our significant shareholders and their affiliated entities, whose interests may differ from our other shareholders.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
USD (in millions)
2014 703 108 15.36%
2015 884 316 35.75%
2016 916 287 31.33%

Ownership and Voting power details

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