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  1. Shareholders of the IAD Company include two of nominee shareholders, Y. Liu and W. Wang, each holding 50% of IAD Company equity interest. The registered capital of the IAD Company is $24.8 million.
  2. Shareholders of the ICP Company including H. Du, our executive officer, holding 27.3% equity interest, G. Wang, the chief executive officer of Weibo, holding 22.8% equity interest. The remaining equity interest is held by D. Lin and F. Cao, two nominee shareholders of our company, holding 22.8% and 27.1% of ICP Company’s equity interest, respectively. The registered capital of the ICP Company is $19.0 million.
  3. Shareholders of StarVI include nominee shareholders, G. Wang, L. Wei and H. Du, holding 40%, 30% and 30% of StarVI’s equity interest, respectively. The registered capital of StarVI is $1.2 million.
  4. Shareholders of Weimeng include four nominee shareholders, Y. Liu, W. Wang, W. Zheng and Z. Cao, holding 30%, 30%, 20% and 20% of Weimeng’s equity interest, respectively. The registered capital of Weimeng is $9.1 million.
  5. Beijing Sina Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (“SINA Pay”) is an online payment service company wholly owned by the ICP Company. The registered capital of SINA Pay is $15.7 million.
  6. Beijing Weibo Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. (“Weibo Interactive”), an online-game platform company, was acquired by the IAD Company in May 2013. The entire equity interest in Weibo Interactive was transferred to Weimeng in December 2013. The registered capital of Weibo Interactive is $8.7 million.
  7. The nominee shareholders of our VIEs have immaterial stake in our company.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

The Chinese government restricts foreign investment in internet-related businesses, including internet access and distribution of content over the internet.
Accordingly, we operate our internet-related businesses in China through several VIEs that are PRC domestic companies owned principally or completely by certain of our PRC employees or PRC employees of our directly-owned subsidiaries. We control these companies and operate these businesses through contractual arrangements with the respective companies and their individual owners, but we have no equity control over these companies.
Because PRC regulations restrict our ability to provide internet content directly in China, we are dependent on our VIEs, in which we have little or no equity ownership interest, and must rely on contractual arrangements to control and operate the businesses and assets held by our VIEs, such as the Internet Content Provision License, the Value-Added Telecommunication Services Operating License, the Online Culture Operating Permit and certain trademarks, patents, copy rights and domain names.
We have designated individuals who are PRC citizens to be nominee shareholders of our VIEs in China. Among all shareholders of our VIEs, Ms. Hong Du currently serves as our president and chief operating officer and Mr. Gaofei Wang currently serves as the chief executive officer of Weibo.
None of the VIEs’ shareholders beneficially owns more than one percent of the total outstanding ordinary shares of our company.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

In order to comply with PRC regulatory requirements, we operate our main businesses through companies with which we have contractual relationships but in which we do not have controlling ownership. If the PRC government determines that our agreements with these companies are not in compliance with applicable regulations, our business in the PRC could be adversely affected.
We rely on contractual arrangements with our VIEs for our China operations, which may not be as effective in providing control over these entities as direct ownership. Any failure by our VIEs or their respective shareholders to perform their obligations under the contractual arrangements could have a material adverse effect on our business and financial condition.
If the chops of our subsidiaries in China and VIEs are not kept safely, are stolen or are used by unauthorized persons or for unauthorized purposes, the corporate governance of those entities could be severely and adversely compromised.
The shareholders of our VIEs may have potential conflicts of interest with us, which may adversely affect our business. We do not have any arrangements in place to address such potential conflicts.
The Chinese legal system has inherent uncertainties that could limit the legal protections available to you.
We may be adversely affected by the complexity, uncertainties and changes in PRC regulation of internet business and companies, including limitations on our ability to own key assets, such as our websites and mobile applications.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
USD (in millions)
2014 768 622 80.99%
2015 881 744 84.45%
2016 1,031 893 86.61%

Ownership and Voting power details

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