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  1. The shareholders of Sogou Information are Beijing Century High-Tech Investment Co., Ltd., a VIE of Sohu, Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., a Tencent group entity, and Xiaochuan Wang, our Chief Executive Officer, holding a 45%, 45% and 10% equity interest, respectively, in this entity, subject to VIE agreements with Sogou Technology.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

Various regulations in the PRC restrict or prohibit foreign-owned companies from operating in specified industries, such as the provision of Internet information, online games, mobile applications, Internet access, and certain other industries.
As we are a Cayman Islands company and our direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries Sogou BVI, Sogou HK, and Vast Creation are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, our indirect wholly-owned PRC subsidiaries, Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd., or Sogou Technology, and Beijing Sogou Network Technology Co., Ltd. or Sogou Network, are wholly foreign-owned enterprises, or WFOEs, under PRC law and are considered to be foreign-owned.
In order to comply with PRC regulatory requirements, we conduct certain of our Internet and other value-added telecommunication operations in the PRC through our VIE Sogou Information, which is incorporated in the PRC and is owned 10% by our Chief Executive Officer, 45% by our controlling shareholder Sohu, and 45% by a Tencent group entity; and through three direct and indirect subsidiaries of Sogou Information, which are also considered to be our VIEs.
Through a series of contractual arrangements, Sogou Information, of which we are the primary beneficiary, and Sogou Information's three direct and indirect subsidiaries are effectively controlled by our subsidiary Sogou Technology
...if we had direct ownership of our VIEs, we would be able to exercise our rights as a shareholder to effect changes in their boards of directors, which in turn could affect changes at the management level. Due to our VIE structure, we have to rely on contractual rights to affect control and management of our VIEs, which exposes us to the risk of potential breach of VIE contracts by the VIEs or their shareholders

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

In order to comply with PRC regulatory requirements, we operate a portion of our business through our primary VIE, Sogou Information, a company with which we have contractual relationships but in which we do not have an actual ownership interest, and its three direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries. If these contractual arrangements and our current ownership structure were found to be in violation of current or future PRC laws and regulations we could be subject to severe penalties.
We depend upon contractual arrangements with our VIE Sogou Information and its shareholders for the success of our business and these arrangements may not be as effective in providing operational control as direct ownership of the entities and may be difficult to enforce.
The contractual arrangements between our subsidiary Sogou Technology and our VIE Sogou Information may result in adverse tax consequences to us.
If one or more of our VIEs declare bankruptcy or become subject to a dissolution or liquidation proceeding, we may lose the ability to use and enjoy assets held by those VIEs.
If the status of certain of our PRC subsidiaries and VIEs as "High and New Technology Enterprises," "Key National Software Enterprises," or "Software Enterprises" is revoked or expires, we may have to pay additional taxes or make up any previously unpaid taxes and may be subject to a higher tax rate, which would adversely affect our results of operations.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
USD (in millions)
2014 386 72 18.65%
2015 592 110 18.58%
2016 660 159 24.09%

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