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  1. Mr. Bangxin Zhang is our chairman and chief executive officer. He owned 35.7% of the common shares and 73.5% of the voting power of TAL Education Group as of May 31, 2017.
  2. Mr. Yachao Liu is our director and chief operating officer. He owned 5.3% of the common shares and 10.9% of the voting power of TAL Education Group as of May 31, 2017.
  3. Mr. Yunfeng Bai is our president. He owned 2.1% of the common shares and 3.9% of voting power of TAL Education Group as of May 31, 2017.
  4. Xueersi Education directly or indirectly holds majority ownership and Xueersi Network directly or indirectly holds the remaining minority ownership. We evaluated the sponsorship interest in the schools for consolidation under the asset, lease, variable interest entity and voting interest models. After consideration, we consolidated the schools under the variable interest model.
  5. We hold majority ownership with the minority ownership held by third parties.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

PRC laws and regulations currently require any foreign entity that invests in the education business in China to be an educational institution with relevant experience in providing education services outside China. None of our offshore holding companies is an educational institution or provides education services.
Xueersi Education, Xueersi Network, Xinxin Xiangrong and Lebai Education are our VIEs, and we rely on the contractual arrangements with our VIEs and their respective shareholders, subsidiaries and schools, or the VIE Contractual Arrangements, to conduct most of our services in China. Our VIEs, together with their respective subsidiaries and schools, are our Consolidated Affiliated Entities.
We have been and are expected to continue to be dependent on our Consolidated Affiliated Entities in China to operate our education business until we qualify for direct ownership of educational businesses in China.
The VIE Contractual Arrangements may not be as effective in providing us with control over our Consolidated Affiliated Entities as direct ownership.
If our VIEs or any of their respective subsidiaries or schools or any of their respective shareholders fails to perform its obligations under the VIE Contractual Arrangements, we may have to incur substantial costs and resources to enforce our rights under the contracts, and rely on legal remedies under the PRC law,
The four legal owners of Xueersi Education and Xueersi Network are Mr. Bangxin Zhang, Mr. Yachao Liu, Mr. Yunfeng Bai and Mr. Yundong Cao, and the three legal owners of Xinxin Xiangrong are Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liu and Mr. Bai, and the sole legal owner of Lebai Education is Xueersi Education. Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liu and Mr. Bai are shareholders and directors or officers of TAL Education Group. Mr. Cao is a beneficial owner of TAL Education Group. The interests of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liu, Mr. Bai and Mr. Cao as beneficial owners of the VIEs may differ from the interests of our company as a whole, since these parties’ respective equity interests in the VIEs may conflict with their respective equity interests in our company.
We cannot assure you that when conflicts of interest arise, any or all of these individuals will act in the best interests of our company or such conflicts will be resolved in our favor.

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

If the PRC government determines that the agreements that establish the structure for operating our business in China are not in compliance with applicable PRC laws and regulations, we could be subject to severe penalties.
We rely on the VIE Contractual Arrangements for our PRC operations, which may not be as effective in providing operational control as direct ownership.
Any failure by our VIEs or their respective shareholders to perform their obligations under the VIE Contractual Arrangements would have a material adverse effect on our business and financial condition.
The legal owners of our VIEs may have potential conflicts of interest with us, which may materially and adversely affect our business and financial condition.
If the custodians or authorized users of our controlling non-tangible assets, including chops and seals, fail to fulfill their responsibilities, or misappropriate or misuse these assets, our business and operations could be materially and adversely affected.
Our Consolidated Affiliated Entities may be subject to significant limitations on their ability to operate private schools or make payments to related parties, or otherwise be materially and adversely affected by changes in PRC laws governing private education providers.
The VIE Contractual Arrangements may be subject to scrutiny by the PRC tax authorities and a finding that we or our Consolidated Affiliated Entities owe additional taxes could substantially reduce our consolidated net income and the value of your investment.
If any of our PRC subsidiaries or Consolidated Affiliated Entities becomes the subject of a bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding, we may lose the ability to use and enjoy certain important assets, which could reduce the size of our operations and materially and adversely affect our business, ability to generate revenue and the market price of our ADSs.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
USD (in millions)
2015 434 393 90.55%
2016 620 576 92.90%
2017 1,043 978 93.77%

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