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  1. Jinbo Yao, Lianqing Zhang, Jianbo Su and Beijing Wanglintong Information Technology Co., Ltd. hold 37.8%, 39.8%, 9.0% and 13.4% equity interests in Beijing 58, respectively. Among the shareholders of Beijing 58, Jinbo Yao and Jianbo Su are shareholders of our company. Lianqing Zhang is not affiliated to us. Jinbo Yao is the sole director and holds a 16.7% equity interest in Beijing Wanglintong which is jointly owned by Jinbo Yao, Xiaohua Chen, holding 15.92% equity interest, Jiandong Zhuang, holding 15.8% equity interest, and five other individuals who are employees or ex-employees of our company. Beijing Wanglintong, a PRC domestic company, does not have any business operations or assets other than its equity interest in Beijing 58. The registered business scope of Beijing Wanglintong includes technology promotional services, software development and computer technology training.
  2. Falcon View Technology, or Ganji, is the holding company of the PRC entities operating Ganji.com, a major online local services platform in China. In April 2015, we acquired a less than 50% equity stake in Ganji. Later in 2015, our company, as a limited partner, contributed newly issued Class A ordinary shares and cash to several private equity funds that are dedicated to investing in businesses in China. These funds are managed by investment entities unaffiliated with each other and unaffiliated with us. These funds, together with Tencent, acquired all the remaining equity interest in Ganji in August 2015. Since August 2015, we have consolidated the financial results of Ganji in our consolidated financial statements. See “Item 4. Information on the Company — A. History and Development of the Company.”
  3. 58 Co., Ltd., Mark Haoyong Yang, one Ganji employee and one 58 employee hold 49.00%, 0.31%, 30.69% and 20.00% equity interests in Shanjing Kechuang, respectively. Mark Haoyong Yang is our former co-chairman of board of directors and former co-chief executive officer, and he currently serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Guazi.
  4. 58 Daojia Inc., or 58 Home, is the holding company of the PRC entities that operate 58 Home business. On November 27, 2015, 58 Home completed a Series A equity funding round, with participation from Alibaba Group Holding Limited, global investment firm KKR, and Ping An Group. Following the closing of the Series A financing of 58 Home, 58.com Inc. holds 87.9% of the total outstanding ordinary shares of 58 Home and 61.7% of the total outstanding shares of 58 Home on an as-converted basis. As certain rights provided to the non-controlling Series A preferred shareholders of 58 Home would be viewed as substantive participating rights under U.S. GAAP, we have ceased consolidating the financial results of 58 Home in our consolidated financial statements in accordance with U.S. GAAP since November 27, 2015.
  5. 58 Co., Ltd., Jinbo Yao and Xiaohua Chen hold 94.1%, 1.4% and 4.5% equity interest in Tianjin 58 Home, respectively. Jinbo Yao is our chairman and chief executive officer, and Xiaohua Chen is our chief strategic officer and the chief executive officer of 58 Home.
  6. The other shareholders of Beijing 58 Auto Technology Co., Ltd. include its chief executive officer and certain third party investors, who hold 15.0% and 25.5% of equity interests in this company, respectively.

Key excerpts from filing(s) - related to VIEs

The PRC government regulates internet access, the distribution of online information and the conduct of online commerce through strict business licensing requirements and other government regulations. These laws and regulations also include limitations on foreign ownership in PRC companies that provide internet content distribution services.
Specifically, foreign investors are not allowed to own more than 50% of the equity interests in any entity providing value-added telecommunication services.
We are a Cayman Islands company and our PRC subsidiary, Wanglin, is considered a foreign invested enterprise.
To comply with PRC laws and regulations, we conduct our operations in China through a series of contractual arrangements entered into among Wanglin, Beijing 58 and Beijing 58’s shareholders.
Beijing 58 and certain other consolidated affiliated entities of us hold ICP licenses, and own all domain names used in our value-added telecommunications businesses. Beijing 58 and certain other consolidated affiliated entities of us are also the owners of all registered trademarks used in our value-added telecommunications businesses and are the applicants of all our applications for registration of trademarks used for our value-added telecommunications businesses.
Mr. Jinbo Yao is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of our company, having beneficial ownership of 10.9% of the total outstanding shares of our company as of March 31, 2017. He is also the sole director, an executive officer and a shareholder of Beijing 58, our consolidated affiliated entity, holding a 37.8% equity interest in the entity. In addition, Mr. Yao is the sole director and a 16.7% shareholder of Beijing Wanglintong Information Technology Co., Ltd., an entity that holds a 13.4% equity interest in Beijing 58. Mr. Yao is also an executive director and a 1.4% shareholder of Tianjin 58 Home, 58 Home’s consolidated affiliated entity

Risks identified in filing(s) - related to VIEs

Substantial uncertainties and restrictions exist with respect to the interpretation and application of PRC laws and regulations relating to online commerce and the distribution of internet content in China. If the PRC government finds that the structure we have adopted for our business operations does not comply with PRC laws and regulations, we could be subject to severe penalties, including the shutting down of our websites.
We rely on contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliated entities and their shareholders for the operation of our business, which may not be as effective as direct ownership. If we are unable to maintain control, we would not be able to continue to consolidate the financial results of these entities with our financial results. If our consolidated affiliated entities and their shareholders fail to perform their obligations under these contractual arrangements, we may have to resort to litigation or arbitration to enforce our rights, which may be time-consuming, unpredictable, expensive and damaging to our operations and reputation.
The shareholders of our consolidated affiliated entities have potential conflicts of interest with us, which may adversely affect our business.
We may lose the ability to use and enjoy assets held by our consolidated affiliated entities that are material to the operation of our business if any of such entities goes bankrupt or becomes subject to a dissolution or liquidation proceeding.
Our contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliated entities may result in adverse tax consequences to us.
We may be adversely affected by the complexity, uncertainties and changes in China’s regulation of internet business and companies.
Regulation and censorship of information distribution over the internet in China may adversely affect our business, and we may be liable for information displayed on, retrieved from or linked to our websites.
Year Total Revenue VIEs Revenue Contribution of VIEs %
RMB (in millions)
2014 1,628 625 38.39%
2015 4,478 1,670 37.29%
2016 7,592 2,460 32.40%

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